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Мебель лофт

Production of metal furniture

Let's turn the idea into reality

Железный работник
Современный Рабочий стол

            Our services

  • Powder coating

  • Sandblasting     metal

  • Metal furniture according to the customer's drawings

  • Trading equipment

  • Loft furniture

  • Powder coating chamber to order

Production of furniture from  metal for a store, office, shopping center

Work according to the customer's drawings




The full cycle of making furniture frommetal:

  1. Designing and development of an idea.

  2. Selection of materials.

  3. Metal processing.

  4. Sandblasting

  5. Powder coating and finishing.

  6. Assembly and installation.

  7. Delivery and installation.

  8. Work according to the customer's drawings.

Человек Сварка

Completed  projects

порошковая покраска

 Otzyvy ArtMetall

We recommend contacting ArtMetal

Cosmetology Dr. Lo

We contacted the ArtMetal company for the manufacture of metal racks for documents, everything was done quickly and qualitatively according to our wishes. They have been contacted more than once.

The Linde Group

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